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Shaggy Raggy Pink Kids Rug For Kids

March 10th, 2021

Picking the right rugs for kids does not really have to be a stressful experience if you just know the most important factors that you should keep in mind. First of all, you should consider the reasons why you should be buying these rugs for kids. Generally speaking, rugs for kids should be bought for decoration, traction and warmth. As your little one tries to learn to walk, you should provide rugs for kids that could also serve as a protection for him or for her. At the same time, rugs for kids should also be something that would be educational so it would contribute for your child’s development during his or her early years.

When buying rugs for kids for a nursery room, you would surely have an easier time making choices. To begin with, your little ones do not have much of an idea about the colors and the designs that he or she sees there. In addition, he or she will still not be crawling and walking so what you would mostly need to consider for the rugs for kids is just the color so that it goes well with the overall color and style of the room itself. This is just a walk in the park for most buyers, so to speak.

As the child grows, so should the rugs for kids that you have in his or her room. You should then select something that goes far more than simply match the color of the room. You should likewise consider the designs of these rugs for kids. As we all know, little children can be taught more and more as they grow. Those with lots of colors and educational designs would be ideal at this point so you can also get them acquainted to more colors and other things that could be of interest for them such as alphabet letters, numbers, maps and much, much more. Also, you should pick rugs for kids that are easy to clean. When your child finally crawls, tries to walk and plays more and more in the floor, you should buy rugs for kids that could be for their protection as well.

Now another important factor that you should never overlook when purchasing rugs for kids is that it should be made of good materials too. For example, if you have hardwood floors, then a wool area rug would be a better choice. However, when you want rugs for kids that are really unique and have softer texture then it would be more ideal if you will get shag rugs instead.

A good example to illustrate the point is the Shaggy Raggy Pink Shag Rug. Most of the time, this Shaggy Raggy Pink Shag Rug is made out of silk but could also come in combinations of silk, acrylic and wool. It really has a good quality and you can be sure your child will feel comfortable with Shaggy Raggy Pink Shag Rug.

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Book Review – Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band

March 10th, 2021

GRAMMY AWARD winner Orville “Shaggy” Burrell gets it about the Arts. He thoroughly understands the outworkings of combining performing, literary and visual arts. Sometimes referring to himself as a big child, the the platinum selling reggae artiste with curved lips resembling that of a bird’s beak, undertook the title role as “Shaggy Parrot” in the recent book “Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band.”

The book is the brainchild of another renowned singer Jana Bent, whose brother Rupert Bent 111 created the CD’s music. Being the manager of Sean Paul’s band, Badda Banz, he incorporates other members. In September 2008, the book was added to Jamaica’s Early Childhood Curriculum Resource List, and on January 7, 2009 the book was launched at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish library. Through the book, both visual and performing arts compliment each other.

The colourful illustrations by Trinidadian, John Mendes, teach about Jamaica’s coasts, and indegenious sea creatures, musical instruments in a Reggae Band, and limited reggae dance steps. But then you can get a glimpse of typical dressing of Jamaicans in a reggae scene from the Coral Line dance crew. Following the audio CD, where the narrator leads you through the book, you also learn about harmony of notes and musical instruments. On the other hand, through the literary skills of the writers, there are many lessons on the respect, harmony in nature and the environment. The writing team include Shaggy’s girlfriend Rebecca Packer, Kellie Magnus and Ireland-born Veronica Salter Ph.D.

Although Shaggy Parrot(Shaggy) is the obvious title role, being the one to lead his sea creature friends in keeping the waterfall, Laughing Waters clean, it is Swimpy the Shrimp, who comes through as a real star. He teaches about achievement through perseverance. He doesn’t stop nagging Shaggy until he is allowed to sing in the Reggae Band, and his song turns out to be one of the best on the CD. At the book’s launch, Ambassador Denis Kingsley reiterated support from the Canadian government to “Edutainment” the concept of education and entertainment being explored in Jamaica through the book. Children who often get caught in illustrating the book, and joining Swimpy’s “Clean it Up”, often draw tears from their listeners. “Clean it Up”, the track from the book’s CD guides and encourages residents to keep the shores clean.

This article provides a brief review of the book “Shaggy Par